Products for Leisure

Custom moulded ear inserts or earmoulds are used in a variety of applicaions. We are able to produce earmoulds for all the applications below as well provide a customised service...

Earmoulds for Sports and Leisure

Custom earmoulds can be used to prevent water entering the ear canal during swimming.

    • Forms a water tight seal to prevent water from entering your ear while swimming
    • Protects from infections from contaminated water
    • Prevent discomfort while swimming and or diving
    • Can be supplied as part of the NHS Supply Chain framework
    • Custom 'Sonic Fit' that no other earmould manufacturer can provide
    • Long lasting comfort
    • Customised to the users preference
  • Swim moulds

    Swim moulds are used to prevent water entering the ear canal during swimming or other water sports. They are available as a loose pair or can be joined together using a polymer cord. The cord is available in several colours, these are listed in the accessories section in the product catalogue.

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