Products for Musicians

Custom moulded ear inserts or earmoulds are used in a variety of applicaions. We are able to produce earmoulds for all the applications below as well provide a customised service...

Earmoulds for Professional musicians

Achieve the optimum sound attenuation using a an earmould designed to work best with the musical instrument you play.

    • Covers a wide range from Low to High attenuation applications
    • Harmful levels of noise are filtered out while ambient noise and speech remain clearly audible.
    • Custom 'Sonic Fit' that no other earmould manufacturer can provide
    • Long lasting comfort
    • Customised to the users preference
    • Can be supplied as part of the NHS Supply Chain framework
  • Musicians' moulds

    Styles EM2139 and EM2140 offer musicians the right level of protection, no more and no less allowing the detail and quality of sound to pass through without distortion. Flat attenuation covers the entire range of audible frequencies. Please see the table below to help in selecting the right attenuation level.

    image image
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