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Earmould Specialists | Sonic Labs is an independant earmould manufacturer supplying premium quality ear inserts to the NHS and private dispensers across the UK

Quality Bespoke Earmould Specialists | Sonic Labs

Sonic Labs specialises in the manufacture and supply of custom made ear inserts (earmoulds) for hospitals, private clinics and business customers across the UK.

With a significant number of years experience supplying audiologists and hospitals, Sonic Labs combines top quality earmould products and supportive after care. We understand earmould users and always ensure our products fit the functional and lifestyle needs of the user. We focus on perfecting earmoulds, ensuring every earmould shipped is made to the highest standard.

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We joined the NHS supply chain in 2008 and have strived to maintain a position as the most cost effective earmould supplier. We do this while also keeping a close eye on the quality, turnaround and product longevity.

We have an established production facility employing the latest technology to provide a wide range of earmoulds and materials. Our range is constantly expanding to include new developments in earmould R&D and to meet the needs of all our customers, whether hearing impaired, seeking noise protection or enhanced audio performance.

Sonic's Earmould Advice - It's all about good advice

After decades of experience, Sonic Labs founders have gained significant insight into the physiological implications of choosing the right earmould.

Sonic Boss

If you are looking for guidance we are here to help. Drop us an email or call our main switchboard and you will be directed to one of the company founders to help you make the right choices.

Sonic's Mission

At Sonic Labs we aim to produce earmoulds that are recognised by patients and audiologists as superior in acoustic seal, comfort and product longevity. We want our customers to know that they are always getting the best possible price for their earmoulds with a very speedy and consistent turnaround time. Our goal is to make Sonic Labs earmoulds synonymous with quality and a product our customers can trust.

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Why Choose an Earmould ?

Earmoulds are superior to foam or generic shaped earpieces because they are created from an indentical copy 'impression' of the users ear canal so a perfect fit is gauranteed. Earmoulds are the preferred choice of hearing aid users as well as those who use in-ear products for prolonged periods of time, like news broadcasters or musicians. Custom moulded ear-inserts or earmoulds are used in a variety of applicaions including news broadcasters, security communication, sports, motorcyclists, shooting, professional musicians, Mp3 players, Noise protection., We are able to produce ear-inserts for any application.

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Why choose Sonic ?

NHS logo NHS Supply Chain Registered

Sonic Labs has been registered with the NHS Supply Chain and has been since 2008 making us very familiar with standard NHS practices.

time logo Less than 72 hours Turn around

We promise that your earmoulds will be dispatched 72 Hours or less from receipt of your impressions.

publish logo Great earmoulds first time, every time

We guarantee that every earmould we make meets the highest standard, provides the best acoustic seal and provides long lasting comfort.

issue logo Competitive pricing

We are very competitively priced within the UK earmould market, beating the largest earmould laboratories on both price and quality.

home logo Significant experience

Sonic Labs is built on over 40 years of expertise in the earmould production industry, with a well developed understanding of your needs.

pro logo Professional customer service

Sonic uses the latest electronic tracking system to keep tabs on your earmoulds in the laboratory. Our friendly and efficient staff can respond quickly to your queries.

iso logo ISO Certified

Sonic Labs a certified BS EN ISO 9001:2008 organisation working to a Quality management system that is internationally recognised.