Products for Noise Protection

Custom moulded ear inserts or earmoulds are used in a variety of applicaions. We are able to produce earmoulds for all the applications below as well provide a customised service...

Earmoulds for protection against noise

Comply with Health and safety practices and achieve the highest comfort product for long periods of use.

    • Comfortable fit that can be worn all day
    • Absorbs straining frequencies and harmful loud noises making communication in noisy environments easier
    • Custom earmould causes no pressure sensation in the ear, seals perfectly and allows the necessary sounds levels to pass through
    • Custom 'Sonic Fit' that no other earmould manufacturer can provide
    • Long lasting comfort
    • Customised to the users preference
    • Can be supplied as part of the NHS Supply Chain framework
  • Solid and Filtered noise protection moulds

    Solid multi-purpose noise plugs are suitable for a high noise environment. The design (EM2150) is made from silicone materials to provide maximum protection. Filtered noise plugs are designed for low levels of noise exposure in a variety of different noisy environments. The EM2150 FL design acts to attenuate the noise as a function of frequency depending on the filter option selected.

    image image

    There are five varieties of filter available covering a range from low to high attenuation. Harmful levels of noise are filtered out while ambient noise and speech remain clearly audible. The five varieties of filter are shown in the table below.

    image image image