Products for Music Players

Custom moulded ear inserts or earmoulds are used in a variety of applicaions. We are able to produce earmoulds for all the applications below as well provide a customised service...

Earmoulds for personal music players and Bluetooth audio devices

The ultimate addition to your personal music device. An earmould fitted to your mp3 player earphones ensures you hear your music they way it was meant to be.

    • Can be custom fitted to most types of earphones
    • Produces the best sound quality from your existing earphones and music player
    • Custom 'Sonic Fit' that no other earmould manufacturer can provide
    • Long lasting comfort
    • Customised to the users preference
    • Can be supplied as part of the NHS Supply Chain framework
  • Personal Music Player Moulds

    These earpieces are the ultimate personalisation for the serious music lover, ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy music on the move or the musician who wants a cost effective custom made in-ear monitor solution. These moulds can be made to fit any earpiece, receiver and driver to create a seal which increases low frequency response and improves attenuation.

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