Products for Broadcasting

Custom moulded ear inserts or earmoulds are used in a variety of applicaions. We are able to produce earmoulds for all the applications below as well provide a customised service...

Earmoulds for Broadcasting and two way communication

Custom earmoulds are the best way to ensure your broadcasting or communication ear piece provide the best sound quality and product comfort. Generic foam or plastic ear inserts can be very uncomfortable especially when worn for long periods of time.

    • Can be used for all kinds of communication devices
    • Discrete in ear product
    • Can be supplied as part of the NHS Supply Chain framework
    • Custom 'Sonic Fit' that no other earmould manufacturer can provide
    • Long lasting comfort
    • Customised to the users preference
  • Broadcasting Earmoulds

    This custom design allows for two way communication for broadcasting professionals, reporters and security personnel.

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